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Please note: all prices are subject to change without notice.

Annual Health Care Package

Protecting your adult pet against common infectious diseases and parasites is a must. The Annual Health Care Package at Webster Groves Animal Hospital & Urgent Care Center gives your pet a head start for his or her preventive care. The package is $119.95* and includes the following services:

For cats:

For dogs:

Please note: In the event your pet has not been vaccinated against DA2PP, Lepto, FVRCP or FeLV, your pet will require a second booster in 3 to 4 weeks at a cost of $24 to 34 per vaccine.

Expanded Annual Health Care Package

This package is highly recommended for patients 5 years of age and older. The Expanded Annual Health Care Package includes all of the tests and examinations found in the standard Annual Health Care Package, as well as additional laboratory tests that enable us to detect diseases early - when they can be treated most effectively and inexpensively. The package is $274.95 and includes the following services:

Additional Discounts with purchase of Expanded Annual Healthcare*

*Discounts expire one year from purchase of Expanded Annual Health Care Package


Pre Surgical Screening Package

This package includes a pre-surgical blood panel and an ECG. This package is highly recommended to ensure safety under anesthesia. We recommend pre-anesthetic testing to reduce the risk of anesthetic complications. As part of the Pre Surgical Screen, we test to detect hidden problems not apparent on a physical exam. This includes examining organ function (focusing on the kidneys and liver), checking for anemia, infection and proper electrolyte balance and monitoring heart rate and rhythm. The tests in the Pre Surgical Screen provide a solid, normal baseline for future medical reference. For puppies and kittens, pre-anesthetic testing is imperative because this is our first comprehensive exam. It is required for pets 5 years of age and over. Price: $124.00

Dog Spay and Neuter

Cat Spay and Neuter

Surgery prices include anesthesia, surgery, pre- and post-operative care, anesthetic monitoring, post-operative pain medication and suture removal. Optional, but recommended pre-surgical work up is not included. Surgery prices will increase if the pet is unusually obese or has any reproductive complications. Pets 5 years of age and older require the Pre Surgical Screen (see above) as well as fluid therapy for any procedure involving general anesthesia.

Declaw Options

Due to the St. Louis City & St. Louis County De-Claw Ordinance, we are prohibited to perform declaws.

Dental Packages

Dental scale and polish

Both dental packages include anesthesia, dental scale and polish, full mouth x-rays, Pre Surgical Screen Package, pre- and post- care. Dental fee for pets 5 years of age and older includes IV fluid therapy. Necessary extractions are charged separately - please ask your veterinarian for more information. Should your pet require extractions, a pain package is also a requirement.

OraVet Dental Sealant provides an invisible barrier that prevents plaque- and tartar-forming bacteria from attaching to teeth. After your pet's dental scale and polish, our dental department can seal your pet's teeth. Easy weekly home re-application